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What is the Ancient Mysteries Cruise all about?

Our Ancient Mysteries Cruises are all about getting to meet and interact with several leading authors and researchers about the Ancient Alien Astronaut theories and Ancient Mysteries that have been discussed for thousands of years. Nick Pope, Peter Robbins, Micah Hanks and Jim Harold. Nick Pope, Nick Redfern and Peter Robbins have been on numerous episodes of HISTORY® Channel's TV series ANCIENT ALIENS®.  All of our speakers have been on Coast to Coast numerous times. Join them as they give presentations on their latest finds, research and insights. We'll have several panel discussion and plenty of time for Q&A.

Our 2020 and 2021 cruises were cancelled due to the coronavirus. 

We are adding more about UFO's. Not only have our speakers been on HISTORY® series ANCIENT ALIENS®, but they have been on countless other TV shows about UFOs and more. Our speakers have been featured on many TV shows and are regular speakers at the biggest conferences on these fascinating topics. We'll have both Ancient Alien & UFO presentations, plus we'll have some exciting panels and plenty of Q&A time.

Come along with us to gain insight, ask questions and come up with your own decisions and answers to whether or not these are fact or fiction. Millions of people around the world are now asking if these theories hold any truth to them.

The Ancient Mysteries Cruise offers exclusive time with the speakers to get their own thoughts on the subject. This is a private group and will not be available for the rest of the cruise passengers to attend. There are quite a few conferences, lectures and other ways to meet the experts, but none like this. Spend 5 days and nights with our speakers, each evening our speakers will dine with a small group. The highlights of our cruises are the exclusive, private shore excursions.  

These exclusive onboard presentations, lectures and panel discussions plus the private shore excursion are included in the cost of the cruise. These won’t be available on board, you must be part of the group to be included. Don’t forget, these are still cruise vacations. Each cruise includes all of the onboard amenities including meals, entertainment, activities. We just add a little something special. We at Holiday Maker Travel LLC, work very hard to make sure all of the details are handled properly and you are taken care from the moment you step aboard.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to you joining us on a great Ancient Mysteries Cruise.

Yours truly,

Mike & Wendy Migliore

Holiday Maker Travel, LLC

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