Twilight Bermuda Triangle Cruise

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See another side of Bermuda's nightlife on this entertaining cruise. Experience Bermuda at night on a fascinating journey on a glass bottom boat in the Bermuda Triangle that you'll never forget. Book now for a memorable nighttime excursion!

You'll set out on this nighttime King's Wharf cruise trip as stars shine brightly above you. As your tour guide entertains with his or her lively banter, you'll start to notice everything slowly growing darker. All of a sudden - complete darkness. And then the lights come on -- now the fun truly starts. The glass bottom boat illuminates the sea with its lights, and you'll get an up close and personal look at the fish and coral below you. You haven't experience nightlife like this before. There's a lot to see underwater, and your guide will identify the different creatures and structures throughout the tour.

Don't worry about disappearing on this Bermuda Triangle tour. The tour has a 100% return rate and your money will be refunded in the rare chance you disappear. Ready to experience Bermuda in a different light (or a lack thereof)? Join us today on this amazing glass bottom boat tour.

Optional Shore Excursions

Options 1: Join Speaker 1 - Caves and Waves

Explore the geological wonders and eerie formations in Crystal Caves and then spend hours relaxing at a series of beaches linked by footpaths and surrounded by a nature reserve.


After departing from the pier, you will enjoy a leisurely tender ride to St. George’s Island, the northernmost point of hook-shaped Bermuda. A short scenic drive will bring you to Crystal Caves, which were discovered in 1907 when a teenager tried to retrieve his cricket ball from a hole and found it led to a huge series of caverns.


You will have the opportunity to explore the wonders underground, which include a crystal-clear lake and a profusion of white stalactites eerily illuminated for added drama. Parts of the caves are accessed along a pontoon boardwalk that floats atop the lake, allowing a closer look at the geological formations underwater. As an alternative, you may remain above ground and meander the gardens and browse the gift shop.


Continuing on, you will soon arrive at the Clearwater Beach Triangle, a secluded wedge of undeveloped land on Bermuda’s eastern end. The triangle contains six interconnected beaches, an idyllic setting to enjoy hours relaxing in the sun, doing whatever you please.


You may take a refreshing swim in the shallow waters, observe the marine life while snorkeling or simply lie back in a lounge chair and enjoy the serenity.

Options 2: Join Speaker 2 - Colonial St. George Fortifications

Visit Bermuda’s first capital and see what a British colonial outpost looked like in the 1600’s when touring the historic 'Ol Towne of St. George's’.


Included is the admissions to the Fort St. Catherine; meander through the dark passageways and wander through the magazines where swords and pistols are on display, take advantage of the stunning views from high a top this grand fortress. A stop in the heart of the Ol Towne of St. George's allows for a visit to the oldest Anglican Church of the Western Hemisphere, St. Peter’s Church.


Watch history come to life in the Town Square and witness the reenactment of the “Town Ducking”, the old English style of public punishments of “wenches” and “town gossips”, conducted by the Town Crier. On adjacent St. David’s Island, once known as the US Air Force Base lands, you’ll discover the charm of this unique and enchanting community as you enjoy the imposing views of the Atlantic Ocean from St. David's Lighthouse.


There will be several photo stops on this tour, so don’t forget your camera!


Options 3: Join Speaker 3 - SNUBA Experience

Take the plunge! Go beyond snorkeling with the Bermuda SNUBA® experience. SNUBA is a patented shallow-water diving system that combines the simplicity and ease of snorkeling with the excitement of diving, and allows you the opportunity to experience the wonders of breathing underwater without the additional weight of cumbersome dive gear. SNUBA requires no previous dive or snorkeling experience. Certified dive professionals will train you in the proper procedures necessary to experience the underwater paradise.


After a short leisurely walk through the historic Royal Naval Dockyard to the dive site, you’ll receive instruction in shallow water, then you will take a guided dive to observe the coral and marine life. Before or after your SNUBA experience, you will have time to relax on the beach and enjoy the Snorkel Park facility or snorkel the surrounding reefs with complimentary snorkel gear.